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This is delightful collection of underwater photography showing the historic intake pipe that brought the water from 30 feet deep and 2500 feet off shore to the City of Kingston. Just click on the illustration for much more…




Takes you inside the Pump House Steam Museum with its machines built in 1887. The photos show the Victorian machinery in all its magnificent solidity. The steam engines that drove the pumps show their power and original majesty. Have a look, just click the picture.  

16oth anniv kelley engine 460x640



The water from the lake had to be delivered by the steam driven pumps to the houses of the “takers”, people who subscribed to the water delivery, and the local businesses. Most important was the network of fire hydrants that were hooked up to the mains under the street. This series of photos show the pipes that were dug up during a major update of the system in 2012. Please click the icon below.

pipe joint 600x800



The different architectural and engineering solutions of building water towers and standpipes are illustrated in this photo collection. It primarily relates to the paper on building the first water tower in Kingston but it takes us around the world to the lowlands of Holland, Sweden and the middle east! To see more, click the staircase.



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