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The author has been a volunteer at the Pump House Steam Museum from 1998-2014. He retired from Queen’s University at Kingston where he taught Mechanical Engineering.  The Kingston Water Works website shows the history of science and technology, and explains the emerging concern for public health in the first industrial revolution during the Victorian era.

The water works company, was incorporated in 1849. Remnants of that building can be seen in the Romanesque publicly funded pump house that was built in 1896 for the City of Kingston. It was the second such public service in the Province of Ontario and the third after Toronto and Montreal, in Upper Canada and Lower Canada, now the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

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The papers tell the history of providing pressurized piped water for fire fighting and safe potable water. The stories enlighten Victorian era politics, engineering, citizens acting on behalf of their community, often in opposition to public servants and elected official, and much more…

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